Reviewers - areas of interest anatomists

All items on AnatomyTOOL should be reviewed. How? See the manual. To have your item reviewed, you may invite any person with applicable expertise whom you regard suitable.

If you know no one who would be willing and capable to review your item, you might also ask any of the below anatomists to do the review. Reviewing demands the least amount of the reviewer's time if he or she is at home in the subject to review. Therefore, the areas of interest ('specialties') of the listed anatomists are indicated. Please only ask someone to perform a review in a topic he or she is acquainted with. And don't overburden the reviewer! The reviewing is a voluntary job.

uni naam e-mail adres hoofd hals neuro thorax abdomen pelvis bew. app. micro scopie embryo logie diversen
ACTA J.H. Koolstra x         x      
AMC Dr. Bernadette de Bakker x hyoid-larynx   x x x   x x urogen, forensisch
AMC Prof. dr. Roelof-Jan Oostra   x           x hart vergel.anatomie
AMC/UVA Karl Jacobs x         x      
EMC Gert-Jan Kleinrensink           x      
KUL Evie Vereecke KU Leuven, afd. Ontwikkeling en Regeneratie, Campus Kulak Kortrijk           x      
LUMC Daniël Jansma             x   e-learning
LUMC Egbert Lakke   x         x    
LUMC Marco de Ruiter     x hart   x     x hart  
LUMC Michel Dieben                 3D
LUMC Paul Gobée     x x       x abdomen e-learning
UA Leen Uyttebroek                 osteologie
Ugent Jimmy van den Eynden x x              
Ugent Joris van de Velde x         x      
UM Cindy Hulsman               x  
UM Jill Hikspoors     x x          
UM Leo Koehler             x    
UM Thijs Compeer     x            
UM Wouter Lamers     x x x     x  
UMCG Janniko Georgiadis   x     x        
UMCN Anne-Marie Cappellen-van Walsum   x              
UMCN Lucas Boer               x  
UMCU Cindy Cleypool   x         x x  
UMCU I.E. Thunnissen   x              
UMCU Ronald Bleys x                
VUMC Geert Schenk   x         x    
VUMC Michael van Emden     x x   x